Collaborators & Links

FunaVid works in close collaboration with Dr. Valle and his associates at CURLA (Centro Universitario Regional del Litoral Atlantico).

In 2005 the FunaVid/CURLA  project was assessed by people from the USA Forestry Service: Ariel E. Lugo, Director of the International Institute of tropical Forestry.  UsDA Forest service and Mit Parsons, Special Assistant State and Private Forestry, UsDA Forest service. They visited the project for five days and wrote a long and very positive report, which was originally published at

but can now be found on this site at

A comprehensive plan was drawn up as part of the White Water to Blue Water (WW2BW) initiative. This is collaboration between Caribbean countries, and UN and USA agencies (see the above reference). The fundamental principle is that sustainable development in the region depends on the integrated management of the watersheds and the marine eco-system. Protecting the watersheds so that erosion is controlled is necessary to prevent sediments from the land from damaging the marine environment, particularly the Mesoamerican coral reef.  The plan was based on using the Inga alley cropping technique in the watersheds of the FunaVid region to stabilize the soil, while also improving the livelihoods of the local people. The plan included over half a million dollars funding from the USA. But then hurricane Katrina struck and the funding was diverted to the reconstruction of New Orleans.


Since 2009 the Rainforest Saver Foundation, a British NGO (Scottish registered charity SC039007) have been collaborating with FunaVid/CURLA. There is more information on Inga alley cropping on their website

The Inga system was initially developed and brought to CURLA by Mike Hands. See Hands, M.R.  The uses of Inga in the acid soils of the rainforest zone: Alley-cropping sustainability and soil-regeneration.  In:  Pennington, T.D. and Fernandes E.C.M.  (Eds.) The Genus Inga:  Utilization The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 1998


 FunaVid has close links with the School of Christ ( This is a non-denominational organisation centred on Christ. FunaVid supports their work, and is based on their Christian principles.


FunaVid gratefully acknowledge they have received, and are still receiving, valuable technical help in their installation of green energy from Outback Power Technologies