Marion Luther Dodson MD (retired)

Graduate Tulane University Medical School

Specialty: ENT/head & Neck surgery


Donita Dodson

Graduate Mississippi State University for Women



Dr. and Mrs. D

Dr. and Mrs. Dodson. Copyright ©  T. Miller.2009


Ligia Zuniga M.S., Scientist


B.S. in Agronomy, Universitad Nacionas de Honduras 1973

M.S. in soil fertility, University of Mississippi 1978

Fulbright Research Scholar:Development of DRIS Norms, University of Georgia 1992

Fulbright Research Scholar: Use compost for disease suppression, University of Ohio 2004

Current activities:

Fertilizer recommendations programs to the Maya and Ecuador divisions for conventional and organic banana quality control and content of compost in Honduras. Analysis and recommendation of fertilizer quality and purchases to Maya Division, Technical Advisor to the Western Hemisphere analytical laboratory.


Jose Ramon Lobo, M.S., Honduras Research Manager

Honduras, speaks Spanish and English

B.S. Agronomy Engineer,  Universidad Nacional de Honduras 1975

M.S. in Agriculture (Horticulture & Nematology Departments) University of Florida, 1079

Current activities:

Department administrator, design and conduction of research experiments.

Technical assistance to Research and Production Personnel.


Oscar Filander Reyes

Attorney: Tocoa/Tegucigalpi, Honduras

Graduate Honduras Law School


Anthony Johnson Dodson(Attorney)

Graduate Baylor University Law School

Waco, Texas


Diane Schober

Graduate Mississippi State University

Chemical Engineer


James Schober

Graduate Louisiana State University

Petroleum Engineer


Mindy Nation

Graduate Masters Degree Louisiana State University

Bio-genetic engineer


Wade Nation

Graduate Masters Degree Mississippi Southern University

Computer Science/Programming